Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm BACK! Its been WAY TO LONG!

I am back! I need to be back! When I was blogging and reading blogs you all kept me on track. I was losing and keeping myself together! Since then I have still been a good wife and mother but not good on the weight loss. I never did get below the 300 mark and now I'm back up to 340.............oh, LORD that hurt to put that down! I have slowly been realizing this because of how I feel, my knees have been killing me. I have been more of a bump on the log. But when my 6 year old came home with his feelings hurt because one of his classmates said to him, "Your mom is fat" that about killed me. Not for me but for him. My whole life I only wanted to be a good mom, and I am but only partially. How do I motivate myself? I will figure this out! I need help!