Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Weigh-In.........Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT!

Starting weight 372 lbs. on 12/5/11 I'm in week 17
last weeks weight 315.6
This weeks weight 316.0
Loss  gain of  .4 lbs for the week Total loss of 56.2

That totally SUCKS! I know its my own fault but I'm going to blame it on the F'n jelly beans that have been screaming my name. I only eat a time. But I only do that a couple (6 or 7) times a day.  But seriously, I looked on the package and it says that a serving is about 14 jelly beans and that is 160 calories. Now I have been keeping my calories at around 1000 a day. I do not eat my exercise calories. I DO log those damn jelly beans and I still have been working out. Why did I gain weight then? I can understand back in the day when I was in one of my moods I could eat a whole box of that glorious cheesy noodle substance? Why could I go to a China buffet and load up on egg rolls, crab Rangoon, General chicken and tons of fried rice. I haven't had any of that in over 4 months but I eat a couple of handfuls of jelly beans and I gain weight. I don't understand!!! I would almost kill for a gooey pizza. Even some chips and cheesy queso dip sounds glorious. Does thinking and dreaming about food make you gain weight?
I guess I'm starting to face reality. I thought that when I started this at my weight,  just changing my eating habits, reducing my intake and my band helping me feel full the weight would just magically slip off. I knew that it would be my job to control myself, but I really thought that I wouldn't have to work really hard at it for at least 100 lbs. I knew then I might have to face going to the gym and sweating (ugggg!) So to prepare myself and to get the kick start it I have been going 2x a week and letting a trainer bust my butt and I can tell it has helped, but do I need to increase this? Is that my life from now on? I've never been one who wanted to exercise. I want to have energy and go do things, but not the gym, run, or even zumba. I want to go to the zoo with my kids, go to amusement parks, walk the mall. Go to concerts. Travel and sight see. I want to stay in exotic locations and fabulous hotels, but I could care less if there is a fitness room in the hotel. Do I need to change that way of thinking? Am I ever going to like to exercise?

Oh, and has anyone else had problems with blogger this week? There are times I can't read anyones blogs and forget about commenting, it just locks up! I have been reading when I get a chance!


  1. Refuse to let .4 pounds knock you off course. You are rocking this and .4 pounds could just be a little water retention, needing a good poop or even the dreaded "muscle weighs more than fat." You keep your chin up, change what needs changed and keep on keepin' on!

  2. I understand how you feel. I'm 9 months out of my surgery and I've been staring at the same number on that scale for about a month .I'm going to admit it's kind of been pissing me off!!!!!!!!! But like you I've come to the conclusion that I most likely will have to exercise and work for it. I was doing that already but the arthritis in my knee threw me for a loop and derailed my exercise. But I have to modify and get back on the wagon or I have a feeling I'll be staring at the same number for way longer than I'd like!! And dang jelly beans!! they get me too!

  3. I hate to see people getting so scale obsessed, look at where you are now compared to where you were before the surgery. Before you most likely would have never been talking about going to the gym at all let alone adding to the two times a week you are already going. If you were like me it would not have been a matter of logging the serving of Jellybeans, but logging the SERVINGS of jelly beans. More than one, or just not logging them at all and saying eff it! You have come a long way and I find you to be an inspiration, so don't let this get you down. Focus on NSVs and say fooey to the scale!

  4. I wouldn't really consider that a gain. Just keep working at it! We all have good and bad weeks.

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  6. Hey Lori, .4lbs is definately not a gain.... you can lose that going to the bathroom! Lol- I know how you feel though.... been stuck on the scale for almost 2 weeks... seems like forever.... but remember how much healthier we already are! Keep doing what you're supposed to and the scale will catch up! And damn those jelly beans!