Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Weigh-In!

Starting weight 372 lbs. on 12/5/11 I'm in week 13
last weeks weight      324.6
This weeks weight     321.2!!!!
Loss of 3.4 lbs for the week Total loss of 51!

I am SO HAPPY that weight came off! Whew!  I'm happy with this loss. I know that it didn't come on overnight, so it won't leave overnight. I have to keep telling myself that me being heavy was over 25 years in the making so taking 2 years to take it off is really no big deal. But over 50lbs! I'm now over a 1/4 of the way of where I want to be eventually. I don't know where I want to end up. Is that strange? I don't know how much I want to weigh. I told my Dr. it wasn't about a number, it was more of a feeling. But now I wonder if I'm concentrating to much on numbers. I just want to feel good, I want to fly without being anxious about fitting in the seat. I want to ride amusement park rides with my kids. I want to snow ski again. Where is that? I don't think I would be comfortable being a size 6 or 8. I think I'm more of a size 12 girl. Maybe even a 14. How do we know where we want to stop? How did you know where you want to be? Or when you got there? Has anyone ever said, "I want to be 160 lbs"  but then you get to 180 and then say, oh, that's enough. I think I look fine. Is that a cop out? Do I need to push myself to a certain weight? I'm I cutting myself short? I keep hearing that at my height an "ideal" weight is 129. Wow, that number freaks me out! That's 243 lbs I'd have to of lost! I don't think I want to do that, not can't but want. I do know that I am going to celebrate all of my losses. I have set it so that for every 25lbs I get a new charm for my bracelet. So I'm going shopping today to add to it! Have a great day all!


  1. First AWESOME freaking loss for the week! Way to go! Plataue's suck, but it seems like when one is kicked, it goes fast (until the next one.)
    I have mine set as a "number" as well. But how come? It isn't like I've ever weighed 145 in my adult life, so how do I know what that will look or feel like? I don't know, and I am having a really hard time lately with "fat brain" how do I get rid of it? Will I ever think "I look good" this is it? Dang I don't know.

  2. I picked a goal of 150. Mostly because I can (vaguely) remember being that weight and feeling good.
    But I am always asking myself is this it? Is this the weight where my body wants to stay? I still have 40 pounds to my goal.... I hope that as I get closer,I will know if the goal really makes sense for me.
    I have no problem adjusting- I just needed a starting goal to work towards.

  3. I picked a goal of 150 because I remember being ok with my body at that time.....course that was my senior year in high school and I am now 40....who knows if I make it there...but a girl has to dream right? Congrats on your loss.

  4. I picked a number, but only because I felt like my doctor wanted me to...and my number didn't match with his. He said my goal weight should be around 115 (I'm only 5 ft tall) but I told him to put that crack pipe down and come back to reality. I did weigh in that range when I got married, but I have birthed some babies since then...and quite frankly, I don't wanna be that little again. I care more about how I feel and what I can do rather than a number on the scale.

  5. I picked 160, but I'm really happier anywhere under 165... so you can always reevaluate goals! I don't think it's a cop-out, but I'm certain you'll feel differently once you're in onederland. It never seems to be enough when it comes to weight loss. lol

    Also, great loss for the week.

  6. Wow, good job! The goal weight is different for everyone. I picked 140, but I'm 5'3" and I'm going to see how I feel when I get closer. I may want to lose more or may feel more comfortable at a higher weight. We'll see. I've never been that small so I can't say for sure that is a good goal weight for me. Just see how you feel when you get closer.

  7. Personally, I think you are being very realistic. I like your mindset. That may be because it reminds me of myself. I too have never wanted to be that super skinny girl. A size 6 or even 8 has never appealed to me but I want the 14! I only remember being below 150 at one point in my life and I don't think it was maintainable. I want my weight to be something I can manage in my life I have spent the majority of my 37 years focusing on weigh and want to focus on life! I think you are right on! Keep up the attitude! You are awesome!