Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fever!

The weather has been absolutely fantastic here the last week. As I sit here and reflect on the last week as I sip my coffee I've been thinking of how my life has changed in just a little over 3 months.
I have been spending SO much more time doing fun stuff with the kids. I was outside with them almost every day last week. We were going on walks after dinner and watching the nature and how it changes with spring. The grass is turning green. Watching the birds make their nest in the trees in our grove. Seeing the tracks of all the animals down by the stream and guessing what kind they are. Listening to the different birds and listening to how their chirps are different (I need to get a book). I am becoming so much more of a plugged in mom. I've learned how to listen better. I heard my 4 year old when he came home from school last week and talked about the leprechaun that was creating big messes in his room when they went out to recess. So I took this a bit farther. Friday night we set a trap for the leprechaun at our house. We baited a trap with marshmallows for the little guy with a stick holding up a box. The next morning (St. Patty's Day) we were awoken to "MOM, MOM! The wheprican ate the smarshmallows! We got 'EM!" So the hubby and I got up, moved the furniture so all 5 of us could surround the box. The hubby had a broom to swat the bugger if needed. The look of anticipation on the kids' faces was priceless! I slowly lifted the box, but the little bugger got away! There were chocolate coins under the box though for the kids. They were so excited! I almost cried. Last year I would of never wanted to get out of bed like that. Last year I would of ate those chocolate coins of the kids. This year I haven't even thought about it! I was SO tired all the time just keeping up with the day to day things I needed to do. What have I missed out on? NO MORE!  This weight loss is doing so much more for kids and husband than just me. I thought this only affected me. I was WRONG (thank God hubby doesn't read this!)
This summer is going to be SO much more fun! I have been scanning pinterest for things to do with my kids! We are going to be doing so much more!There are some really cool ideas for kids activities on there! I had NO idea!  I renewed the zoo membership and we are going to go at least once a week! I have so many ideas!
Is this Spring Fever or weight loss? Combination of both? Does your brain have fat? Does it really cloud you that much?  I feel like life is SO much more colorful! Although my hubby is looking at me like I'm crazy at time because his honey-do list is growing! I want to do so much more around the house! I can't wait to get my garden going this year. The last couple of years I have always  wanted a big garden and we planted some,but then it falls to the way side because I hated sweating and being out in the heat. I KNOW that is going to be different this year! I need those veggies! I'm going to have a section just for the kids too!

Just typing this is getting me so excited I need to get going and move! I've got to run to the hardware store for some stuff. I'm painted the oldest new bedroom and redecorating it for him! He's shared a room with his little brother for long enough. He's going to move to the basement. Its going to be so cool when done. I'll post some pictures of it! Happy Hump Day everyone! Hoping that the Spring Fever is spreading among you all too!


  1. that is awesome..I think we have hope that our lives our longer the deep depression that we are just surviving. I love how you are embracing the new you!

  2. You sound so happy; that makes me smile.
    I think it is both the weight loss and spring fever. But, honestly, dropping weight you (and me)have been carrying around does give you the energy to do more. Love it!

  3. That's the funnest story ever. Love it!

  4. Wow this is amazing. Truly truly awesome. I like what you said about being amore plugged in mom. This is exactly how I feel. And like you I would have eaten the chocolate coins. What a cute idea you had about the leprechaun. I love it!! I love your enthusiasm and all the great pinterest ideas. I feel exactly the same way. how awesome to be there for your kids. YEAH!!!

  5. This is the holy grail of weight loss - finally being PRESENT! Awesome. :)