Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday weigh in Day!

Last week the scale read 336.7, this morning it read 331.0! 5.7 pounds! Now I am a bit worried about this. I have been sick this week and finally went to the dr. yesterday and I have a big old case of bronchitis. I have antibiotics, but I'm still feeling really puny. I haven't worked out at all this week but I have made myself sweat during some of my coughing spells if that counts! I haven't meet my 1000 calories a day all week, so that could be part of the weight loss too. Tues. and Wed. I hardly ate at all, I forced myself to suck down a cold protein shake since my throat was killing me. I just wanted to post the weight loss and hope that that this weight stays off! I'm heading back to bed!


  1. OMG! That is totally cool. 5.7 is stellar progressive

  2. That's a great loss but it is sad u are sick. I found out today I too have bronchitis. I had an I-Lap band on 12-12-2011. I find if I don't get enough calories I do not lose weight. Also, if I ever get to Mt Rushmore, I will look you up ! I love to explore and it is one of the joys I hope to resume as my journey continues. Oh and I'm a new follower too!

    1. Thanks for following! Just like I feared. I started feeling better and some of the weight has come back on, but we will see on Friday! You should come to Mt. Rushmore! I don't get to that side of the state very often, but its great! I have a cousin who has a resort, so if you want to stay out in the woods and hear wildlife, I'll hook you up! Mt. Rushmore is amazing! Custer State park and all the wildlife is amazing too!