Friday, February 10, 2012

Weigh in Friday!

I was super worried about my weight loss this week. After last weeks loss of over 5lbs. (which shocked the bejeezers out of me) I was thinking that there was NO way I would lose this week. I was WRONG! Of course I can't tell my husband I was wrong, he'd never let me live it down! Last week the scale was 331.0, this week it was...........329.5! Thank GOD! A loss of 1.5lbs! Whew! Now I'm going back to the gym today and I'm going to kick butt! I'm going to stay active this weekend with my kids. The only thing I'm worried about is the soup and pie supper at church on sunday. The freaking pies. I'm making a carmel apple pie. I'm hoping someone makes a lemon merigue. I am going to treat myself to one piece of pie Sunday night! I'm also going to work at the flower shop helping out on Sunday afternoon for a while, part of Monday and most of Tuesday. As long as I stay away from the junk food and chocolate I should be fine! Well people, have an awesome weekend! Keep kicking butt!



  1. Hey girl! Congrats on the loss! Isn't it nice when that scale shows us a little love? Love the plan for the weekend! Kick some butt!

  2. Nice loss...I love it when I step on the scale expecting a gain and see a loss....doesn't happen often enough!