Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays are OVER, now let's get busy!

Today it has been 3 weeks since my lapband. I am 23 lbs. down. That was before Christmas Eve. I did ok on Christmas Eve because I'm not much of a prime rib person and I stayed away from the cookies, and lefse. I did have 2 glasses of wine but otherwise it was a good night. Now Christmas Day was anothe story. I made carmel rolls for breakfast, no problem there. Egg bake with sourdough bread, eggs,ham and cheese. LOVE IT! I had some of that eating REAL slow. On to my in-laws for dinner. No problems there, a little turkey, yes, a little stuffing and some jello. The problem?  The DAMN toffee that my sister-in-law and MIL make! I LOVE the stuff! My SIL make the kind with the buttery crackers as the bottom, OH so good. My MIL makes the real buttery toffee and dips it in chocolate and crushed pecans. Damn! sinful. I had a couple of pieces. It was screaming my name, I had to eat it to shut it up! I've done so good for 3 weeks. Today I had left over egg bake for breakfast and a real light lunch and then we took the kids to a movie. I did have a lemonade at the movie. Its the first thing like that I've had to drink besides water or an occasional Crystal light. It was sweet, almost to much so. Then we met with my sister and family, parents, my one brothers family and my other brother at the Pizza Ranch. I did pretty good for my first time eating out. We will see how the scale reacts to that damn toffee later this week. I really want to hit the 25lb.mark! Start out the New Year on the downward slide of the scale!

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