Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Weigh In!

Well, I'm happy to post this one! After being at a stall last week, this week has finally been awesome! I posted at the beginning of the week I had lost 2.2 lbs. now this morning my scale read 339.5 to that is a total of 3.7lbs! WOW! So exercise is the key! To bad it sucks! So now I have lost a total of 34lbs. since Dec. 5th, a little over 6 weeks! I can NOT complain! I was shooting for losing 75 lbs. by the end of June when my little brother wedding was scheduled. Well, he called last night and that has to be changed. He and my future SIL are PREGO! Just barely. They figured it happened on New Years Eve. I knew they were going to try right after they got married because my brother had cancer a couple of years ago and had to go through chemo and he was worried about not being able to have kids, so they wanted to try right away in case there was problems. Ooops! Oh, well, so they move the wedding up. Now they are thinking the end of March, beginning of April. Can I do another 35 lbs. in a little over 2 months? I read on another blog that every pound of fat equals 3500 calories, so if you want to lose 2 lbs. per week you need to burn 7000 calories! So if I want to lose 4lbs. a week I need to burn 14,000 calories? Schnikee! Can it be done? I'm going to give it a hell of a shot! So I need all the support I can get!  I'm going to be an AUNTIE again!


  1. woot woot!!! congrats on so many levels...lbs first! and auntie too....what a great day!!!

  2. Exercise is the key:) but then, you read my "soap box" this week. Congrats on the loss! Kicking butt and taking names.

  3. Yep, exercise is key, so do it when ever you can (preaching to myself at the same time here) :p congrats on a great loss this week!