Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh, what did I do?

In a moment of what I am calling "stupidity" (just because I'm sore) I went to a gym yesterday and signed up, then I hired a personal trainer for 2x a week for 3 months and I plunked down the money so that I wouldn't back out of it. Now  have some accountability and I'm starting to exercising for the first time in years! So today I started. She and I talked about how my weight problem started and how it grew and how motivated I am now to get rid of this weight. Its pathetic to think when I was 16 I was 122 lbs. on the golf team at school and use to waterski and snowski and was so active and now I started this at 372lbs at 44 years old and unactive except for cleaning the house and taking care of my kids. The longest distance I would walk is from the car through the grocey store and back to the car. I have read all these blogs and I see that to really make this work I needed to move my ass. So here it goes. But tonight I feel like I have been hit by a truck! I'm thinking that a hot bath sounds awesome. I wish hot water would melt fat!

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  1. When I started running. I text my sister-in-law and told her "one mile of jogging, mostly walking and I feel like I'm going to die." She text back and said "that feeling of death is exactly what we are looking for." I have never forgotten that text. :)
    Keep it up! That feeling of death will make the pounds melt away!