Sunday, January 15, 2012


I haven't logged in for a couple of days because I have been soooo frustrated with my weight loss, or lack of. I have been stuck for over a week now! I know people have been telling me it will come off. Its just because I started working out and my body is freaking out. Well, I'm freaking out! My trainer is great its just that she has never worked with anyone that has been banded before. I've told her that I'm keeping my calories at 1000 a day and of course she thinks that is to little. She thinks I need to just do one day at 1000 and then stagger the rest of the days like two at 1200, two at 1100, one at 1300 and have one at even more like 1600 or up to 2000. But then I went to support group and heard that 1000 is what the doctors say and that they had one patient that did 1000 religiously and then on the weekends did 2000 a day and it was like spinning your wheels. I'm confused! I'm almost 6 weeks into this journey and being stuck at 30 lbs. is driving me crazy!


  1. We all have plateaus at times, just be patient (You'd laugh if you knew how not patient I am). It'll start to come off again, I SWEAR! The only thing that keeps our weight from going down is exceeding the feed limit:)

  2. I thought I posted but apparently it didn't work. I have had 2 plateaus since May and they suck. I think you may need to adjust your calorie intake like your trainer suggested. With working out with her and only taking in 1000 calories it may not be enough, but I am certainly no expert. You will break through!! Minor setback in a long journey.