Monday, January 9, 2012

Holy Crap!

Oh, my I know now how those people on The Biggest Loser must feel. My trainer took it really easy on me last week for my first time because today..................CRAPOLA! I am sore tonight. I felt today like I was going to die! I was red faced, sweaty and even a little light headed, but I pushed and stuck with everything she wanted me to do. Its different for me now, I really have an end goal in mind and I just kept telling myself that, "its going to get better" and "you'll love yourself for this in a couple of months". Then I went to MyFitness Pal and journaled my food and exercise for the day. Made a good supper, grilled chicken, couscous, and a salad with fat free dressing and took a hot bath to soak my tired muscles. Once I plugged everything into MyFitnessPal, I had already exceeded the 8 glasses of water so I finished the day and they told me that if everyday was like to today I would be 315 in 5 weeks! That would be like 60 lbs. off in 10 weeks since surgery. So if I really do exercise that much the weight would really come off that fast?! Oh COULD IT BE? or are they just messing with me? If its the truth, I can handle it, I can.


  1. Isn't it nice to know that we aren't on another diet. That we are making lifestyle changes. This is forever:) We are kicking butt and taking names!

  2. Oh, ya, but I don't think I could kick any butt right at the moment.......I can't hardly lift my legs high enough to take off my pants! Jeez! This too shall past!